Day at a Glance

Attendees will be meeting…

MHEC Annual Member Meeting
8:00 – 8:50 am

The hour prior to the MHEC Conference is a “don’t miss” opportunity to hear from the MHEC team about actions and direction that the MHEC is taking on behalf of its members. Topics to be covered include: consortium financials, key initiatives, timelines, and impacts on member engagement and member purchasing efforts. This is the perfect tee-up to the conference and will put many of the things you will be learning in context. So, grab your coffee and join us!

Attendees will be selecting…

MHEC conference tracks
9:00 – 3:50 pm

There are three tracks to the conference: Cities and Towns; Education; and Libraries. Each track will consist of 5 sessions covering one of five key member focus areas: diversity, sustainability, supply chain, healthy environments, and technology.

MHEC “Game-changer” sessions

MHEC “Game-changer” sessions
3:00 – 4:00

Important MHEC initiatives that are real “game-changers” will be the subject of two “must-attend” sessions capping off the day:

MHEC-UMass: Partnering to Transform How Organizations Purchase Technology
Item-Level buying from MHEC contracts with EqualLevel,

Attendees will be qualifying…

Procurement professionals needing continuing education credits to maintain their MCPPO standing have had a difficult time finding events to attend due to the pandemic reducing the number of educational opportunities. This year’s MHEC member conference provides 13 sessions that the IG office has verified will qualify toward these credits. The day-at-a-glance below shows the 13 sessions with ribbon icons designating which ones were approved.

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Who should attend?

Those who buy for:

  • Athletics & recreation
  • Facilities & operations
  • Information technology
  • Moving & storage
  • Communications
  • Furnishings
  • Interior finishes
  • Office & school
  • Environmental safety
  • Graduation
  • Laboratories
  • Vehicles
  • Event Management
  • Health & safety
  • Libraries
  • Workplace Resources



2021-11-04 09:00:00

Cybercriminals are extorting our cities, towns, schools, and municipalities – Now what?

John D. Flory III, CISO
Harbor Networks

The pace of data breaches has reached epic proportions. Organizations in every industry are falling victim to hackers, hacktivists and nation states. Developing and maintaining an effective cybersecurity program with a proactive Incident Response plan/team has never been more important. This session will present an in-depth look at current tactics that the cybercriminals are using to steal our private data, and then how they are using that information to extort us. We will be exploring the best ways to combat these tactics with proactive defenses.

2021-11-04 10:00:00

Advance Your Sustainable Future

Tiffani Jarnigan, Manager, ESG Process and Innovation

Join HPE to learn about how to advance your sustainable future. HPE will present on how their approach to sustainability and how it helps customers pursue their sustainability goals in IT infrastructure.

2021-11-04 11:00:00

Overcoming Challenges to Forward Planning

Timothy D. Goddard, Carlisle Town Administrator
Carlisle Town Hall

April Lanni, Purchasing Agent
Town of Stoneham

Panelists from three different municipalities share their perspectives and experiences in overcoming purchasing challenges; such as being a small town administrator who must also serve as the Chief Procurement Officer; or, setting up a procurement office in a town where none previously existed. Join us as our panel discusses situations like these as well as how they are coping in the midst of unprecedented external challenges such as workforce and supply shortages and their impact on forward planning.    

2021-11-04 13:00:00

The Business Case for Building a Diverse Supplier Base

Peter Hurst, President and CEO
Greater New England Minority Supplier Development Council

Sourcing minority businesses has been a growing priority for state institutions across New England but in reality can be a challenge to meet. MHEC is working to address these challenges through its partnership with the Greater New England Minority Supplier Development Council, Inc. (GNEMSDC). Building a diverse supplier base meets needs beyond that of legislative directives. Peter Hurst, president & CEO of the GNEMSDC will discuss the business case for diversity and inclusion and for minority business development, and the path necessary to move forward to economic inclusion.

2021-11-04 14:00:00

Pandemic Buying of Custodial Supplies for Infection Control: Separating Fact from Fiction

Lynn Rose, Consultant

Hype and fear were rampant this past year and a half regarding how to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. Heightened requirements, new products and equipment hitting the market along with supply chain issues posed many questions. This session is going to separate fact from fiction to give you the straight story of what you need to know. Attendees will be provided with tools and guidance to address the myriad of questions concerning safe and effective infection control practices and equipment, and how to get reliable information from vendors regarding disinfection products, equipment, and application procedures, related regulations, and more.

2021-11-04 15:00:00

The Great EUC device shortage continues

Adam Reiser, Senior Director of End User Compute Partnerships
SHI International Corp

Kevin English, Senior Director of Strategy and Product Management
SHI International Corp

As many organizations have moved towards a hybrid work model or have allowed employees to work from home permanently, demand for end-user computing devices has skyrocketed. And with analysts predicting end user computing (EUC) device shortages to persist well into 2022 with residual effects spilling over into 2023, we’ve prepared a complete guide to prepare you for the long haul.

2021-11-04 09:00:00

Best Practices for Maintaining Building Water Systems During Low to No Use

Hilary Nardone, Environmental Group Training Manager
Barclay Water Management, Inc.

The CDC, EPA and local health departments recognize that temporary shutdown or reductions in normal water use can create hazards for returning occupants and damage expensive water treatment equipment. In this presentation, you’ll learn how to properly maintain building water quality during times of low building occupancy on college and university campuses to protect the health of students, staff, faculty, and visitors, as well as water system components.

2021-11-04 10:00:00

Distributed Denial of Service: What is it and how to prepare?

Jeff Bajgot, Senior Consultant
Whalley Computer Associates

Andy Shoemaker, Founder & CEO

Jag Bains, Chief Technology Officer

In this session participants will learn about Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS), what is it, what are the various forms it can take, and how to know you are under attack and how to be prepared to best protect your network and systems. A DDoS attack is typically where multiple machines operating together (a botnet of compromised internet-connected devices) are directed to attack one target in your network. As the number of poorly managed Internet of Things (IoT) devices have increased, so has the ability individual actor can take down your network using them. DDoS attacks can vary in scope, size and duration. Attacks have been increasing and we have seen school networks targeted often. Being prepared for a DDoS attack is very important. Unfortunately, if not prepared, your network can be taken down and create a bad day for you and your users. Internet access is a mission critical learning tool, any loss of Internet access is like losing electricity and impacts everyone.

2021-11-04 11:00:00

The Roles of Printing and Sustainability in Education/Government Funding Options

Linda Presutti, Business Development Manager
Epson America

Brian Gilbert, Sr. Technical Sales Specialist
Epson America

This 40 minute webinar & interactive session will cover key factors to consider when thinking about printing in education with research-backed ideas on why print and color are so important when it comes to helping kids learn. We’ll share how printers can work for your needs and can also have environmental benefits. You’ll hear how one educator implemented Epson technology in their school and share results achieved. Included will be a review of the Federal funded relief package called the CARES ACT 2.0 that provides additional funding for school districts which may potentially be available to purchase technology.

2021-11-04 13:00:00

What is driving Manufacturer’s Lead Times?

Tom Abrahamson, VP of Manufacturing

In this educational session we will cover current market conditions that are causing manufacturers to extend lead times and increase pricing.

Current market conditions are being described as the “perfect storm”. The goal is to give attendees a better understanding of these market conditions and how they impact manufacturers.

2021-11-04 14:00:00

Importance of Scholastic Gaming

Logan Hermes, Esports Program Marketing Manager
D&H Distributing

Katy Greeley, Business Development Manager

Connection and our esports specialists are here to cover why esports is such a hot topic and effective program in HiEd now! Scholastic gaming has been the buzz of the education world in the past few years. Understanding the importance of this landscape as well as where gaming plays in collegiate and high school matters more and more. D&H distributing has an expert from the education space as well as the components space to elaborate on the market, the value and the impact scholastic gaming has on the education market and the schools. Logan Hermes has years of esports and gaming experience, from purchasing, tournament licensing and navigating through the recreational and professional scene, we are looking to provide you the answers to your questions when you hear the word "esports". 

2021-11-04 15:00:00

MHEC-UMass: Partnering to Transform How Organizations Purchase Technology

David Cho, Managing Director and Chief Procurement Officer
University of Massachusetts

Michael Di Yeso, Executive Director

This important session provides the vision and the practical details of the Value Added Reseller (VAR) technology contract. This contract is a collaborative effort between UMass and MHEC and was created to bring economies of scale to purchases of high-end technology products and services. The contract ensures accountability, compliance, and proactive vendor management and is available for all MHEC members, in every sector, making it a “must attend” session either at the live event or through viewing the recording of the session. Following David and Michael’s presentation and Q&A, Alex Therkelsen, Strategic Sourcing Manager for MHEC IT contracts and Pam Giordano, UMass UPST Contracts Specialist will join the webinar to address questions specifically about the contract.

2021-11-04 09:00:00

You Know More than You Think You Do: Tech Training for Yourselves, Each Other, and Your Patrons

Laura Crossett, Consultant

Technology can seem by turns intimidating, frustrating, and sometimes even useful. As library staff, we are frequently called upon as technology experts, even if troubleshooting printing, helping someone retrieve a lost password, resetting the margins in a troublesome Word document, or navigating an unfamiliar course management system aren't the things we thought we were getting into when we entered the profession. But from these day to day difficulties to the challenges of learning a new ILS or adapting to a Windows upgrade or using a new to you technology, you all have tools and skills you may not realize. Laura Crossett will walk you through both practical tips on learning and teaching technology and arm you with the reminder that you know more than you think you do. 

2021-11-04 10:00:00

Building Collections With Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Mind

Elizabeth Bird, Collection Development Manager
Evanston Public Library

Join Elizabeth Bird as she breaks down old methodologies and suggests new, exciting strategies that make library collections relevant to all patrons. The time has never been better to reexamine outdated policies. Let this session show you how building inclusiveness through collections is not only necessary work, but integral to the role of the library in 2022.

2021-11-04 11:00:00

Delivering Clean Air for Healthier Library Environments

Brian Packard, CEO
Celios Corp.

This session covers the need for air-purification, specifically portable units in addition to upgrading HVAC systems, during the Covid-19 crisis and offer solutions for libraries, residence halls, administrative offices, health clinics and dormitories. The overall market today consists of air purification units that provide purification of ultrafine particles, bacteria, allergens, pollen, mold spores, and VOCs.  Designed for public spaces, offices, health clinics & temporary residences like residence halls & dormitories, next-generation indoor air purifiers provide pure air for your employees, patrons, guests, or students.


2021-11-04 13:00:00

Every Problem Is Now a Technology Problem: Navigating the Digital Divide in the COVID Era

Jessamyn West, author

Library technologist Jessamyn West will discuss the ways in which this past year created new challenges (and opportunities!) for technology education work. It seemed that every problem turned into a technology problem and issues of access and the digital divide became very imposing, very rapidly. She'll discuss the ups and downs of remote tech support and share some things that made a difference.

2021-11-04 14:00:00

Demystifying International Logistics

Chuck Russo, UPS Product and Insights Manager

Rachael Strogoff, UPS Senior Account Advisor

This session aims to demystify international logistics for MHEC members. We will share insights into current global supply chain challenges and other changes in the industry in the wake of the pandemic. We will also explore the basics of international shipping, and what your institution can do to simplify the process of getting packages to recipients around the globe.

2021-11-04 15:00:00

MHEC WORKSHOP: NEW! Item Level Buying from MHEC contracts with EqualLevel

Ira Golden, Vice President Product Management

In the past 18 months, MHEC has made a concerted effort in defining and addressing member needs. Many of you may recall the surveys we sent, the interviews we held and the useability study we conducted. You will have seen the evidence of our acting on those results in our rebranding, our new website, contract information hubs called Contract Landing Pages. Now, we would like to introduce you to a new buying platform we are launching called EqualLevel. This platform enables you to simply “pick and click” to buy products or services we have on contract. This is a game changer! This workshop will demonstrate how it works and discuss the timeline for rollout, differences between approaches, and advantages that will make your jobs simpler!

2021-11-04 08:00:00

Annual Member Meeting

Michael Di Yeso, Executive Director

The hour prior to the MHEC Conference is a “don’t miss” opportunity to hear from the MHEC team about actions and direction that the MHEC is taking on behalf of its members. Topics to be covered include: consortium financials, key initiatives, timelines, and impacts on member engagement and member purchasing efforts. This is the perfect tee-up to the conference and will put many of the things you will be learning in context. So grab your coffee and join us!

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